Saw this article today about ex-Red Wily Mo Pena:

he’s in the Arizona Diamondbacks’ system. He’s batted .356 with 21 homers and 62 RBIs for the team’s Triple-A affiliate, the Reno Aces, this year and the Boston Globe reports that the team is considering bringing him up to DH in interleague games.

I took a look at this career numbers and his numbers for this year.

I know the stories and the jokes about him…”best 5:00 hitter in history of baseball”, etc.

But to me, it looks like maybe he’s finally “getting it”, his numbers look different than they ever have before and he’s been pretty darn consistent all season. He’s drawing some walks and 21 homers in 60 games is impressive.

If he were in our organization, I think we’d be calling for the Reds to give him a shot at LF.

So, do you think he’s figured it out, or not?