An article from the Enquirer, written by John Erardi. As usual, John writes a great article and make sense…my favorite part?

There’s little doubt, however, that at a minimum, the Reds pitching staff could use an innings-eating starter similar to St. Louis’ trade-deadline acquisition last year of Jake Westbrook, or a left-handed reliever similar to Arthur Rhodes, whose offseason departure from here has yet to be adequately filled.

And even though offensively the Reds are in good shape (they lead the NL in runs scored), a good case could be made for a message-sending move of releasing backup shortstop Edgar Renteria to Dusty-proof this lineup (Reds manager Dusty Baker is overly loyal to a fault) and calling up Triple-A shortstop Zack Cozart (.862 OPS at Louisville). Cozart isn’t quite Paul Janish with the glove, but isn’t far off.

Although nobody can question the importance of pitching when it comes to winning, a run scored is as important as a run saved in the general scheme of things. Anything that nets a plus in that tried-and-true formula is worth pursuing over the short haul.

Certainly, if the Reds were offensively productive in left field, there wouldn’t be the level of dismay there is over the offensive struggles at shortstop. The Reds rank at the very bottom in all of baseball at OPS at shortstop, carrying the lowest number of any of the eight positions among the 30 teams.

The part in italics….”Dusty-proof” the lineup…classic.

Check out the article, it’s worth a read.