Spoiler Alert: The Big Red Machine won this World Series

You may have heard of the Big Red Machine. Well, back in 1975, they played in a World Series. As it turns out, it was a pretty memorable Series.

Oh, you already knew all that? Of course. Well, do you own the DVDs of the 1975 World Series featuring our beloved Reds vs. the Boston Red Sox? If not…here’s your chance.

I have three of these box sets to give away, and I’m looking forward to putting them in the hands of some Loyal Citizens of the Nation. Over the next two weeks, leading up to Father’s Day, we’re going to have three separate contests to pick the winners of these DVD sets. The first contest is at the bottom of this post. The second contest will take place via our Facebook page, and the third contest will be on Twitter. Fun, huh?

If you haven’t seen these DVDs, they are really spectacular. When the box set was first issued, we posted a glowing review here at RN. It’s a 7-DVD set, the original NBC telecasts of all seven games of that remarkable Series.

In order to win the first copy, we’re going to have a trivia contest. Below the fold are some trivia questions about the Reds. Send your answers to me at [dotsonc] AT [gmail] DOT [com], following these instructions:

1. You must use the subject line “DVD Contest”.
2. Within the text of the email, you must provide your full name, address, and your Redleg Nation username (you are required to be a registered RN user; register here, if you haven’t already).
3. Answers must be received by 7pm (Eastern) on Sunday night.
4. Do not post answers in the comments below.
5. If you don’t follow all these rules, you are disqualified.

The winner will be randomly selected from all emails with the most correct answers. Good luck!

All of these questions are easily answered using Baseball-Reference.

1. Which pitcher led the 1975 Reds in “holds”?

2. The 1975 Reds swept the Pirates in the National League Championship Series. Which Reds player led the team in OPS during that NLCS?

3. What member of the 1975 Red Sox pitching staff would later serve as pitching coach for the Cincinnati Reds, and what was his ERA in the 1975 World Series?

4. What was the longest losing streak suffered by the 1975 Reds?

5. Who was the first player ever selected by the Cincinnati Reds in the June amateur draft?

6. Who wore uniform #9 for the 1975 Reds?

7. Who was the Opening Day starting pitcher for the 1940 World Champion Cincinnati Reds?

8. Who won the most games for the Reds in the 1919 World Series?

9. What was Don Werner’s batting average for the 1976 World Champion Reds?

10. One Reds pitcher hit a triple during the championship 1990 season. Who was it?