Let’s recap tonight’s titanic struggle….

FINAL — 12 innings
Cincinnati 6
Atlanta 7

W: S. Linebrink (1-1)
L: C. Fisher (0-2)

–Jonny Gomes went 4-5 with a double and two runs scored. Do not adjust your monitors. That really happened.

–Drew Stubbs had three hits, including a double. Brandon Phillips had two hits, with a double. Joey Votto had two hits and two walks.

–Jeremy Horst had a spectacular debut on the mound. He entered the game, pitched a great inning, then got a single to knock in the go-ahead run in his first major league AB. Sure, he gave up that run later, but it was a nice debut. Overall: 2.2 innings, one run allowed on two hits, striking out four.

–Good work by the bullpen, namely Bill Bray, Nick Masset, and Logan Ondrusek.

–Another day, another loss.

You're the man, Carlos Fisher

–Bronson Arroyo allowed five runs in three innings on nine hits and a walk. Two straight terrible outings for Arroyo, at a time that the rotation is looking like it’s in shambles. Sigh….

–I feel simply terrible for Carlos Fisher tonight. Three days after throwing 95 pitches, Dusty Baker had Fisher back out on the mound once again. It was clear that he had nothing in the tank — and you could tell that he was giving everything he had out there — and it’s just unfair to Fisher for him to be placed in that spot. Which begs the question:

WHERE IN THE **** WAS SAM LECURE? If Sam LeCure was unavailable to pitch, why is he on the roster? I mean, seriously…the Reds have a thin bullpen anyway, thanks to that 19-inning game three days ago. If LeCure can’t pitch, get him on the DL and get someone in here that can throw a few innings. (Note: I don’t blame LeCure. If he has this forearm issue and can’t pitch, it isn’t his fault.)

–Overall, Dusty Baker has been pretty good about protecting pitchers during his time in Cincinnati. He’s really trying to murder Carlos Fisher’s arm this week, though…and I’m not sure it’s Dusty’s fault. Walt Jocketty has to give him healthy pitchers, especially when the bullpen is tired anyway.

–Seriously, that’s probably two games in a week that the Reds might have won had LeCure been available. Think about that. This team can’t afford just to give games away like this.

–I still think everyone needs to step back from the ledge, but this team has been seriously frustrating to watch lately. I guess this too shall pass.

–Carlos Fisher: Team MVP.

–Oh well…Reds have a chance to win the series tomorrow.