As the calendar turned over to May, the Cincinnati Reds were one game over .500 (14-13), and sitting in second place, two games back. By the time we reached May 17, Cincinnati was 8 games over .500 and 1.5 games ahead in the NL Central. This morning, the Reds are back where they started, one game over .500, but now in third place.

A series of tweets by Joel really illuminates the bizarre things we’ve seen during the month of May:

Jay Bruce leads the NL in OPS during May. Ramon Hernandez is 2nd. The #Reds are 12-12 during the month. Baseball’s a funny game.

Awesome, right? Stay tuned:

Paul Janish is last in the NL in OPS in May. Jonny Gomes is 3rd to last. Edgar Renteria is 9th to last. Baseball’s not so funny anymore.


Seriously guys, Paul Janish has a .283 OPS in May. .283 OPS in 64 PA.

That’s just disgusting…and you guys all know that Janish is one of my favorite players. No amount of Gold Glove defense is good enough to cover up the stench of those numbers. Unfortunately, Janish is still the best option because Renteria stinks too.

Jose Reyes, anyone?

Jonny Gomes is batting .118/.182/.216 during May, and he hasn’t been the worst hitter on the team for the month. Let that sink in.

Stop, Joel. Just stop. Please.

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