Todd Frazier (Redleg Nation/Chad Dotson)

We didn’t mention it yesterday, but you may have heard that Todd Frazier has been unceremoniously demoted back to AAA Louisville. Yep, that’s right. After one at-bat, four pitches in all, Frazier was sent back to the minors (Carlos Fisher was promoted). Down goes Frazier!*

Unfortunately, Frazier’s stay in the big leagues was so brief that I never got the chance to link this story from one of his home state newspapers about Frazier’s callup. I love the joy and the raw emotions from Frazier upon hearing the news that he had reached the big leagues.

For what it’s worth, Fayman’s article linked above notes that Frazier isn’t going to be another Moonlight Graham. This is true. Frazier will be back soon, and he’ll be here to stay.

*Sorry. Couldn’t help it.