I grew up watching the Saturday Game of the Week and for a lot of those Saturdays in the early ’70’s, the Minnesota Twins were shown. The Twins had a ton of good hitters (Carew, Oliva, Tovar, etc) but maybe the best of the lot passed away today.

Check out the numbers for Harmon Killebrew…they are pretty amazing.

From 1959 thru 1972, his lowest OPS+ was 130. Led the league in homers 6 times. Top 5 in OPS 10 times. Won the MVP in 1969 and had 5 other seasons where he finished in the top 5 of the voting.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t include that he was immortalized as “The Fat Kid” in Ball Four.

The thoughts and prayers of the Redleg Nation family go out to the Killebrew family.