Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle…

Cincinnati 3
Houston 2
W: F. Cordero (2-0) 
L:  B. Lyon (3-2)

-After appearing dead for 8 innings, the Reds offense decided to come to life in the 9th inning.  Perhaps this is the spark that gets us going.  Drew Stubbs got everything rolling with a walk to start the inning and then the hits kept on coming.  Base hits then followed by Heisey, Votto, and Phillips.  Jay Bruce capped off the comeback with a double.  That’s 5 base-runners in 1 inning and no outs recorded.  This after managing just 1 hit in the previous 24 outs.

-The Reds bullpen was great, allowing only 1 hit and striking out 2 in 3 innings of work.  Nice job by Bill Bray, Logan Ondrusek, and Francisco Cordero! 

– We won, so I won’t dwell on the first 8 innings too much.


-I did not get to watch the game due to work so I am basing all of my observation off of the box score. 

-I’ll admit, I had a Titanic Recap finished after 8.5 innings.  This version is very different from my original draft.

– Travis Wood was ok, not great.  He allowed only 2 runs and appeared to only struggle in the 3rd inning.  He struck out 7, but walked 4 and allowed 5 hits in 6 innings pitched.

-I really wish I could have watched this one.  Or at least have seen the 9th inning anyway. 

**NOTE** Forgot this game wasn’t televised.  So obviously I wouldn’t have gotten to watch it even if I was home.

-Is this the game that perhaps gets this team’s juices flowing?  I don’t know.  But it is obvious this team isn’t contending for any titles at the moment.

-The Reds will try to take the series in another early game tomorrow.  It is televised.  Unfortunately, I’ll be at work!

*This Offense Stinks