In case you didn’t see Jamie Ramsey’s post:

The powers-that-be here at Better Off Red have been working behind the scenes with many of your other favorite Reds bloggers on an idea to have fans who enjoy reading our Reds blogs, to participate in running the annual Redlegs Run 5K on June 11.

We’re calling it the Blog Jog and you’re all invited to partake with us!

This will be a special “event within an event” designed for you to meet your fellow online Reds fans, mingle with your favorite Reds bloggers, and most importantly – to have fun!

And although the Blog Jog is 100% endorsed by the BOR Fit Club, we’re not going to try to set any Redlegs Run speed records. Some of us will be running, some of us will be jogging but most of us will be walking the 5K.

Participants are encouraged to make t-shirts and/or signs to represent their favorite Reds blog(s), wear costumes, crazy outfits, etc.

Blog Jog attendees will be invited to a pre-race gathering at the ballpark, where we will award prizes for best signs, shirts, and costumes/outfits. We’ll take tons of photos and try to drum up some other perks, as well. We are also going to work on a post-race gathering place off-site for our group.

If you’re interested in being part of this inaugural event, log onto to sign up! After registering for the Redlegs Run, you will be asked to email to let us know that you’ll be taking part in the Blog Jog (just so we know how many participants to expect). There is no extra fee to be a part of the Blog Jog.

So come out and join us on June 11! It’ll be fun!

This whole thing is mostly the brainchild of that warped brain responsible for Chris Sabo’s Goggles. Here’s his post on the event, in which he manages to reveal Redleg Nation’s most closely-guarded secret (I’ll excerpt the post here, but you’ll have to click through to find out about the secret):

But if you’re someone who thinks that 33-minutes is an impressive time, the Blog Jog is still for you. Why? Because you don’t even have to run to participate! You can walk, you can crawl, you can do cartwheels the whole way for all I care. You see, the Blog Jog isn’t about who’s fastest or slowest — it’s about whose legs look the best in short-shorts (FYI – Miss Sabo’s Goggles says my legs are quite shapely and hairless for a man).

Don’t have nice legs? It doesn’t matter! Because the Blog Jog isn’t about… oh, you get the idea.

This is just a fun way for you — the readers — to show your undying appreciation for the amazing people who write about the Reds for free on a daily weekly sometimes basis. And the Reds. You can show your support for the Reds, too.

If you’re interested, we’d love to see as many Redleg Nation t-shirts as possible; feel free to make your own shirts/signs/costumes too. It’s all for fun, and for a good cause. Who’s in?