Loyal Citizen Matt WI made this comment in yesterday’s Recap:

Chad… if you have a list going, how about a nice palate cleansing Not So Random Thoughts Thread for the off day? Those are always appreciated and I don’t remember one this season.

How could I turn down that request? I know enough to dance when I’m told to dance. 🙂 I had some time last night, so, once again, here are some not-so-random thoughts that have tumbling around in my head lately.

* I’m going to Chicago next week, for the first time. Gonna see the Reds at Wrigley on Friday, and I plan to see The Greatest Player In History, Adam Dunn, play at least once. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to catch a taping of one of my favorite programs (no, it isn’t Oprah!). Any suggestions on things I need to do while in town?

* The most frightening photos you will see today: Chicks with Steve Buscemeyes.

* This is great: a guy opened up the floor for questions to his 4 year-old. The answers are generally brilliant.

* I’m really kinda addicted to Words With Friends. Wanna play?

* This is a fun little time-waster: Famous Objects From Classic Movies. I got 14 out of 15 the first time I tried. Let me know how you do.

* I used to love Law & Order. Not all the various permutations; just the original L&O. Never missed an episode. For whatever reason, I quit watching when I became a prosecutor (I guess the actual reason is that I dealt with that stuff all day long, so I didn’t need to watch it at night). Lately, I’m wondering if I should go back and watch last few seasons that I missed. Is it worth my time?

* Speaking of television, I went back and watched “Parks & Recreation” from the beginning (thank you, Netflix Instant Streaming). That program is laugh-out-loud (LOL) funny. If you aren’t watching it, you are missing out. Parks & Rec and 30 Rock are the only two comedies I watch, and they’re brilliant.

* Speaking of Netflix, they recently added two of my favorites to their instant watching archives: “Cheers” and a bunch of James Bond movies. Most surprising revelation after watching some Bond films that I hadn’t seen in years is that Roger Moore was actually very good as Bond in his first two or three movies. I hadn’t remembered that. After he got old and the scripts got more ridiculous, they are hard to watch, but the early ones (like “Live and Let Die” and “The Spy Who Loved Me,” as Jason noted) are pretty good.

Moore is no Sean Connery, but he’ll do.

* Speaking of James Bond, here’s my ranking of the actors:
(1) Connery: The standard-bearer. I doubt any Bond film will eclipse “Goldfinger” in my book.
(2) Pierce Brosnan: I know many of you will say this is too high, but Brosnan was great, in my opinion.
(3) Moore: Really good early, as noted above. Stayed around way too long.
(4) Daniel Craig: Very likely to be #2 on this list soon. Was great in his first film, but the last one (“Quantum of Solace”) was a mess, and he has to take some of the blame for that. Still, he’s going to be considered a great Bond before it’s all said and done.
(5) George Lazenby: His only film (“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”) was pretty good, although his performance was uneven. If he hadn’t foolishly turned down a deal to do six more Bond pictures, I have a feeling he would have grown into the role and been very highly-regarded.
(6) Timothy Dalton: I dunno, he just never clicked with me.

* New York: Portrait of a City. If you know anything about me, you know that New York is my favorite city on earth. These photos of NYC over the years are excellent.

* This is completely insane. It’s a full recreation of the Battle of Hoth (from “The Empire Strikes Back”)…with LEGOs. Just absolutely insane. I’ll put the video beneath the fold so you can see it in all its glory.

* Kinda weird: Eighteen Old-Timey Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

Okay, it’s an off-day. Consider this an open thread to discuss whatever you’d like.