…he needs to be designated for assignment. Immediately.

That is all.

Okay, that’s not quite all. I’m in a ranting mood. Sorry. Here’s what I wrote last night:

I noted yesterday the idiocy of moving Janish off shortstop in order to accommodate Edgar Renteria. It’s just moronic.

Well, it got worse today. In the fifth, with Cincinnati clinging to a one-run lead, Dusty Baker engineered a double-switch. Bill Bray relieved Sam LeCure, Janish moved to third, and Renteria entered as the shortstop. Someone explain to me the logic of moving your best defensive player to another position, so you can put your worst defensive player in the game — at the most important defensive position!

Two pitches later, Renteria made a terrible error on a throw, allowing the Brewers to tie the game. It’s just insanity.

If Renteria can’t play third, he has no value to this team. Because he clearly can’t play shortstop any longer.