I saw this comment that Bill made earlier, linking this piece from Fayman’s blog. Let me know what you think:

The long-term plan at third remains Juan Francisco.

“He’s 23, lots of pop,” Baker said, “MVP in the Dominican the last two winters. He was the guy we had slated to pick up the 35, 40 games Scottie wasn’t going to play and phase him slowly like that.”

Juan Francisco

There are a number of opinions about Juan Francisco. Your opinion may differ from mine, and reasonable minds can disagree. That said, I’m completely baffled by the Cincinnati organization’s perspective on Mr. Francisco.

Does anyone outside the Reds organization think Juan Francisco has a chance to be a major league regular? I never have, so maybe I’m not looking at this fairly…but what I see is a player that refuses to take walks, that strikes out a ton, and is miserable defensively. Oh, but that power! Whatever.

The guy looks to be a left-handed Wily Mo Pena, and that ain’t a compliment. Do the Reds really think he’s the long-term solution at third base? Certainly, the Reds know more than I do, and have more information at their disposal. What are they seeing that I can’t see?