Travis Wood

Travis Wood's Magical Left Arm (The Enquirer/Joseph Fuqua II)

The Reds are on national television today as they face St. Louis in game two of a three-game weekend set. For the first time since last August, Cincinnati is not in first place in the National League Central division. A win today could possibly remedy that situation (depending on what Milwaukee does).

Lefty Travis Wood gets the start. Wood has faced more difficulties this year than in his entire rookie campaign. On the season, he is 1-2 with a 5.73 ERA. Today would be a good time for Wood to return to form.

On the mound for the Cardinals will be my least favorite player in all of sports, Chris Carpenter. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Redlegs need a win today! Here’s your preview. Discuss the game here.

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  1. rightsaidred

    Beat the pathetic Larussa’s!

  2. AndyS

    I think I hate the Cardinals more than I like the Reds at this point. It’s kind of a problem for me.

  3. Crutch23

    I think Carpenter has beaten the Reds 10 games in a row….this has got to be the day we get some revenge….lets get a big big win today!!!

  4. LVW

    2 batters 2 ground ball- not a good sign with Carp pitching.

  5. Aaron

    @AndyS: Me too, I just want to win a series against the Cards. I’d take getting swept in Milwaukee if we can take the next two here.

  6. preach

    The Fox team makes me miss the Cowboy. Maybe I’ll turn on the radio and mute the TV.

    • Steve

      The Fox team makes me miss the Cowboy. Maybe I’ll turn on the radio and mute the TV.

      I really enjoyed the low-key TV broadcast last night. Chris does a fine job at play-by-play for a TV audience and he doesn’t bring out the worst in Brantley. I thought hearing the two former players call the game was interesting. And the break from the two Breneman’s, especially Thom, was really appreciated.

  7. LVW

    On a side note of irony- I was at my alma mater’s baseball game last night(Arkansas State) and our opponent(Florida Atlantic) brought in a lefty in the 8th inning of a tie game that looked like Tom Browning and he gave up…you guessed it……….a solo HR.

  8. Aaron

    Making progress, first time in awhile we haven’t given up a run in the first.

  9. Crutch23

    3 cheers for Travis Wood!! He broke the string….finally after 6 straight games, the opposition didnt score in the 1st inning!!

  10. LVW

    In that 1st inning you just saw a perfect example of the difference between Wood and Maloney. Wood throws an inside fastball he can jam righties; Maloney throws it they get the bat head out and pull it foul.

  11. preach

    @Steve: You have a point. The two pitchers were actually not bad. I should have said “Thom with Brantley”. It’s amazing how much time a duo can spend talking about ribs and ice cream.

  12. Bill Lack

    Was interesting to hear them talking about Mel Queen being a mentor for Carpenter and Haliday..always nice to hear good things about ex-Reds.

  13. preach

    Cairo didn’t know if he was coming or going on that last pitch.

  14. LVW

    GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m off to see my ASU Redwolves play. Have fun fellas.

  15. Crutch23

    @LVW: Yes, I have to agree….one run should be all Carpenter needs against this powerful lineup of late.

  16. preach

    At least it took until the second inning to fall behind. I at least feel hopeful.

  17. preach

    Alright. DP minimizes damage. C’mon, somebody take this guy deep.

  18. CP

    Carpenter’s curveball is looking pretty nasty right now.

  19. LVW

    C’mon Dusty put the major league lineup in there.

  20. Crutch23

    It is seriously hard to believe that this team leads the league in runs scored….offense has looked pathetic lately.

    • Truman48

      It is seriously hard to believe that this team leads the league in runs scored….offense has looked pathetic lately.

      3 games where they scored 11 runs or more. A few more at 7 or eight.

      However they have also played seven games where they have scored 3 or less.

      Very frustrating.

  21. Ethan D

    Phillips just looked awful. Carpenter didn’t even throw a strike to him

  22. Bill Lack

    Strangest stat of the season thus far..Hanigan is 0-9 throwing out runners.

    Freakin’ Carpenter double…

  23. Crutch23

    This team really makes me wanna puke right now….they need a come to jesus meeting

  24. RedLegHerrm

    That might wrap this one up. I figured we might able to scratch a run against Carpenter. 2’s not happening

  25. RedLegHerrm

    If Carpenter wasn’t already at 62 pitches, I’d be worried about us getting no-hit today.

  26. Bill Lack

    McCarver says Concepcion should be HOF, and then says he was an “excellent player”…I think you should be a GREAT player, not excellent? Semantics? Maybe…

  27. cliff

    a jay bruce home run here would validate his early season struggles. saving his energy to proverbially kick chris carpenter in the face.

  28. cliff

    and just as i type that he gets out. nice.

  29. preach

    Reds have no hits and still have more runners LOB than the stupid Cardinals.

  30. cliff

    hopefully sam has the lecure for this offense.

  31. renbutler

    Just a minor nitpick with the original post: the game is not on national TV. It’s on FOX regional coverage, which sends the game into the typical Reds and Cardinals markets, plus other NL Central markets (except Chicago, which is getting the White Sox). It also takes the Reds off of MLB Extra Innings.

  32. Truman48


    In Fort Wayne we are getting the Sox which is okay because I would probably just be unhappy watching.

    Thom B. is doing the game.

  33. preach

    Berkman: Caught Stealing…..don’t read that in the scorebook too often these days. Aggressive hit and run takes them out of an inning. LaRussa is serious about piling on runs right now.

  34. Truman48


    Well you know LaRussa is a stat guy and Hannigan was 0 for 9 as was noted earlier. I would be running too.

  35. Kristof

    Figures the offensive juggernaut Paul Janish would break up the no hitter!

  36. cliff

    look on the brightside… they lead us by one game while we are arguably missing two of our best three starters… and everyone in that lineup besides pujols has overachieved offensively.

  37. cliff

    @Kristof: dudes batting .300 on the year, officially now. and its not like hes cooling off after a hot start, hes been around that all season.

  38. Kristof

    @cliff Indeed, the man continues to amaze me, he definitely seems to have figured out his role/abilities

  39. cliff

    @Kristof: with that glove, our middle infield rivals oakland for the best in the game. not to mentioned they are each impressing with the bat.

  40. RedLegHerrm

    We’ve pitched well enough to win games in this series so far. Offense needs to show up

  41. RedLegHerrm

    Mama there goes that man again!!!

  42. cliff

    how is chris carpenter going to explain THAT to his kids?

  43. Crutch23

    Besides the obvious reasons (money), can someone explain to me why Jay Bruce is still starting the majority of games over Heisey. I mean, how long do we let this guy try and work his way out of a slump….he is brutal to watch.

    • ncredsfan

      Besides the obvious reasons (money), can someone explain to me why Jay Bruce is still starting the majority of games over Heisey.I mean, how long do we let this guy try and work his way out of a slump….he is brutal to watch.

      Dave Sappelt is doing well at AAA again…he could likely rival someone for an outfield position too

  44. CP

    @Crutch23: Potential, defense…you know, normal stuff like that? I think Heisey deserves to play more (and likely at Gomes/Bruce’s expense)…but everybody knows he’s streaky. If you know a way that Dusty can somehow know when we get the “good” Bruce instead of the “bad” Bruce, let the Reds know please.

  45. Crutch23

    And is it me, or do Reds pitchers have a tendency to always give up runs in the very next inning after we score??

  46. ncredsfan

    Well, Wood has pitched pretty good with efficiency considering the offensive team he’s facing

  47. cliff

    @Crutch23: ive noticed it too. its always a false sense of security when this team ties a ballgame or takes a slim lead.

  48. preach

    we have managed all of two hits so far. we are just fortunate to be this close.

  49. cliff

    i feel like were watching the evolution of paul janish… maybe hes like heisey in that hes a better hitter at the major league level than in the minors, and like everyone on earth in that he needed more playing time.

  50. CP

    Gomes’ downside always seems to come into play in these “big” series. No way Molina gets a double w/Heisey in LF.

  51. cliff

    @CP: gomes’ downside seems to come into play whener he isnt walking or putting one in the ohio river.

  52. Crutch23

    Nice job by Chapman, lets get him a win now!!

  53. cliff

    that was the best bit of managing dusty has done all series.

  54. Dave Lowenthal

    @Truman48: Then you’d be silly. Running on a 3-1 pitch when the pitcher is struggling? If there is no contact, there’s nearly a 100% chance Berkman is out, and by about 70 feet.

  55. renbutler

    I’ve been out of the loop for the last half hour. What’s the word on the rain delay?

  56. Dave Lowenthal

    @Crutch23: Because over a full season the probability that Bruce outperforms Heisey is about 95%. And the probability that he greatly outperforms him is probably 50-50.

    Yes, Bruce is brutal, and yes, the first 20 games would have to lower his expectation for the season (a little), but last year he was 27% better than league average while Heisey was 3%. You want to make a judgment after 21 games?

  57. Dave Lowenthal

    The radar does not look good. I would not be surprised if this game gets called.

    P.S. I do not work for the St. Louis Cardinals. I am just an ordinary man with an Internet connection.

  58. Kyle

    Absolutely huge at bat for Bruce here. This is probably the game.

  59. CP

    I’m a huge Bruce fan…but I’m not sure if I could resist PHing Heisey here.

  60. Crutch23

    That was awesome….finally a good at bat from Jay!!

  61. Crutch23

    Reds are way over-due for a hit with men in scoring position…lets get it done here!!!

  62. CP

    The Reds will take a HBP here. We ain’t proud.

  63. Swatch

    Love. It. when Tony LaRussa out-manages himself.

  64. RedLegHerrm

    Geez. We pull Chapman for that AB?

  65. cliff

    who do the reds send out now though?

  66. Myles

    I wonder what is the expected value of Hermida pinch hitting vs letting Chapman take on the heart of the order in the bottom of the inning?

  67. cliff

    i’ll take logan andrusek over chapman whos been sitting for half an hour.

  68. CP

    That was a long half-inning and I don’t think the Reds want Chapman holding a bat anyway. Hermida shoots a double and the game is effectively over. Gotta trust the bullpen.

  69. cliff

    a few random thoughts;

    honestly, is their a nicer place to hit than in front of albert pujols? maybe we should hit bruce in front of votto. they have mirroring skill sets.

    is it weird that andrusek throws hits sinker harder than his four seamer?

  70. Crutch23

    @cliff: I said the same thing a couple games ago…I think its a good idea.

  71. RedLegHerrm

    Terrific inning by an Ondrusek. That’s huge

  72. Dave Lowenthal

    @Myles: You can’t let Chapman back out there after the delay.

  73. Dave Lowenthal

    Well, Ondrusek got the job done, which is great. But, Masset really needs to pitch in the higher level situations (starting now). He’s just plain and simple a better pitcher than Ondrusek.

    • Truman48

      Well, Ondrusek got the job done, which is great. But, Masset really needs to pitch in the higher level situations (starting now). He’s just plain and simple a better pitcher than Ondrusek.

      And you would be the only person not raging at Baker when Masset melts down in the next “high leverage” situation.

  74. preach

    Just a pleathora of hits. 2 bb, a hbp, an error and finally a base hit. Juggernaut. And still watch Franklin blow another one for the Cards. Nice to see.

  75. Kyle

    Another good outing for Logan. I have to give credit where credit is due: Dusty has made some good decisions today to put the Reds in position to win this game.

  76. RedLegHerrm

    @Dave Lowenthal: I don’t agree with that statement at the moment. Ondrusek’s been fantastic to this point. Masset hasn’t. You go with the hot hand

  77. Dave Lowenthal

    @RedLegHerrm: So why not bench Bruce for Heisey? There really isn’t that much difference.

    I like the guy, nothing against him, but Masset is better.

  78. RedLegHerrm

    I love the way Janish values every AB. He battles

  79. ncredsfan

    I should leave and go for a walk more often…Reds are ahead but were behind when I left!

  80. Travis G.

    Yay, Haningan. (Not a bad at-bat by Janish, really, even though the result wasn’t positive).

  81. CP

    Gotta admit…had to laugh seeing that fat Cards fan chase after that ground rule double. 😆

  82. preach

    I like the way Jonny didn’t try too hard to get out of the way of that pitch.

  83. cliff

    @Dave Lowenthal: i think its a little different with a hitter. hitters, especially young ones, can only play themselves out of a funk. a veteran pitcher can just find it.

  84. CP

    Hanigan must have thought that ball was going to be caught by Franklin.

  85. Tom Diesman

    What’s with all the shoddy base running all of a sudden. Why is Hanigan not on 3rd base?

  86. Tom Diesman

    Hanigan’s base running just cost us a run.

  87. cliff

    @preach: jonny is an ultimate take one for the team guy. if im a red and im going into a fight and can only take one guy, im taking johnny. unless its adam wainwright…. because, people will talk.

  88. Travis G.

    I’ve pretty much done a complete 180 on Phillips since all that Cards series back in August.

  89. Dave Lowenthal

    Cmon Votto, let’s get rid of the save situation here.

  90. cliff

    do we bring in coco or trust The Tree?

  91. preach

    I was so hoping Franklin was going to give up something big to Brandon there. The boos would have been deafening.

    It’s CoCo time.

  92. Dave Lowenthal

    Am I the only one worried here?

  93. cliff

    @RedLegHerrm: agreed. hes actually been really good this year, only scares us when he has a cushion.

  94. Crutch23

    Everyone hold onto your hats…it might get interesting!! Get’em CoCo!!!

  95. preach

    That’s how we play defense in the ‘Nati, Card fans. Boo that.

  96. Dave Lowenthal

    How can Berkman swing 2-0 there down by 2 runs? Thanks, Lance!

  97. cliff

    i cant believe we are about to pull one out of where the sun dont shine, against the cardinals, which is even better!

  98. cliff

    the nati…. does that make this RedLeg CincinNation?

      • cliff

        Check Leake’s pockets

        would you rather him return it?

  99. ncredsfan

    COOL!! I THOUGHT THEY WERE GOING TO LOSE!! They’re back in first if the brew crew loses!!

  100. Crutch23

    Nice nice win!! Go get’em again tomorrow boys!!

  101. Dave Lowenthal


  102. preach

    CoCo without a pulse-pounding save. Let’s get them tomorrow and win the series.

  103. Dave Lowenthal

    Seriously, it may be April, but that’s an important win for a number of reasons.

  104. CP

    That makes up for one of the DBacks games.

  105. preach

    We still need to get some hits though. I am thrilled with the win, but the offense is anemic to say the least.

  106. RedLegHerrm

    Miguel Cairo’s had some clutch hits with the bases loaded lately. Had a big one against the D’Backs to score 2 and get the offense rolling and then obviously the one today.

  107. Dave Lowenthal

    @preach: No kidding. Maybe Westbrook is the magic potion to get them going.

  108. Dave Lowenthal

    @Truman48: Correct, unless he uses Jordan Smith for 1 batter like he did vs SD.

    Let me ask you this: when would you put him back in the setup role?

  109. Truman48

    @Dave Lowenthal:

    I would give him a couple of more opportunities before I would be comfortable. That’s why I pay the big bucks to Comcast to watch the games on tv.