As I stated in my recap of yesterday’s game, I attended the game with my wife. We had a great day and anyone that knows her, knows that she is extremely easy-going (heck, she’s married to me, ’nuff said).

But at yesterday’s game, she was very unhappy at the state of the women’s rest rooms at GABP. I’m not going to go into all of the issues, but I sent the Reds an email this morning concerning her displeasure.

To the Reds credit, since sending the email this morning, I’ve received both an email and a phone call from the Reds concerning the issues and promises to correct them.

I am very impressed.

The Reds organization has done just about everything possible in nearly every department of the organization to make things more fan-friendly and customer-oriented. It’s nice to see the team moving into the 21st Century…now if they could only get all of their departments onboard.

But I just wanted to pass along a big “Tip of the Cap” from this RN editor to the Reds organization.

UPDATE: Overnight last night I received an email from the Reds (I’m guessing b/c I bought the tickets via Stubhub) with a Game Recap from Sunday and a “thanks for attending” message. Very cool.