I wish I could attend this:

In doing so, they dispensed with the rubber chicken dinners or autograph stampedes and will instead get their vaudeville on. The result is “Reds Un-Cut,” which will be an all-ages welcome live variety event, to be held on Sunday night at the Aronoff Center for the Arts downtown. Every member of the 25-man roster, coaching staff and the club’s broadcasters will be participating.

“What we like to say is it’s Redsfest main stage meets ‘Saturday Night Live,’ because it’s going to be a more ambitious program than Redsfest,” said Charley Frank, the executive director of the Reds Community Fund. “Hopefully we’ll have a lot of that levity, a lot of that laughter and a lot of the ease between the players that you see at Redsfest. But it will be more polished.”

Sounds like a lot of fun. Anyone going?

You can get more information here.