Dusty Baker and Scott Rolen (The Enquirer/Michael Keating)

Okay, we are now in the final moments before Opening Day (always capitalized in Cincinnati, remember). There is a lot of excitement for this Reds team, more excitement than I remember in at least a decade.

Loyal Citizen “Furniture City Red” suggested that we needed to have a prediction thread, and I couldn’t agree more. We’re actually going to have two prediction contests. First, predict the Reds’ final 2011 record; the winner will receive a snazzy Redleg Nation t-shirt. Put your predictions in the comments section below, and we’ll check back in October to see who was the closest.

Prediction Contest #1
Answer all these questions:

–What record will the Reds have in 2011?

Tiebreaker 1: Where will the Reds finish in the NL Central standings?
Tiebreaker 2: Who will lead the Reds in pitching wins?
Tiebreaker 3: How many homers will Jonny Gomes hit?

The second contest will be to predict the Reds record at the All-Star break. The winner of this contest will receive a ticket to the Redleg Nation outing at a Reds game in July (details about that forthcoming).

Prediction Contest #2
–What record will the Reds have at the 2011 All-Star break?

Tiebreaker 1: How many RBI will Jay Bruce have at the All-Star break?
Tiebreaker 2: How many (MLB) wins will Aroldis Chapman have at the All-Star break?

Entries will be accepted until midnight on Sunday. Let’s hear those predictions!