Enquirer file photoFinally.

The 2011 National League Central champion Cincinnati Reds return to action today. It’s a Cincinnati holiday: Opening Day!

This will be the beginning of our seventh season of following the Reds every day here at Redleg Nation (can you believe we’ve been here seven years?). Never before have expectations around here been this high, however. We’re all looking forward to a team that has a chance to win the World Series…and I can’t believe I just typed that. (For everything you need to know about the upcoming season, check out the fantastic season preview prepared by our friends over at the Enquirer.)

Edinson Volquez will take the mound for Cincinnati. His ERA on the season is 0.00, so he’s been doing very well thus far. Milwaukee will counter with Yovani Gallardo.

Here’s your game preview; here’s your starting lineup for our beloved Redlegs. While you’re waiting for the game to start, or between innings, head over to the Prediction Thread and tell us what you think about the upcoming season.

Discuss the game right here. I’ll try to check in from the ol’ ballyard. Enjoy!


92 Responses

  1. rightsaidred


    Edinson goes 7 and third with 7Ks and 2 ER.

  2. BenL

    “back” not “bad”. Unless bad means good, like when the kids say it.

  3. rightsaidred

    How many times do you see a foul pop that can’t be reached with a subsequent pitch that ends up in the stands.

    Volquez sux so far

  4. rightsaidred

    @BJ Ruble: they are showing us why. Volquez is reminding us why he isn’t the ‘go to guy’ that Dusty imagines he is.

  5. bho52

    @Matt WI: I’m not totally buying that the Brewers have pitching now. Sure they have 3 great starters, which makes them dangerous in a series, but the back of their rotation and bullpen are still pretty weak. Defense isn’t much to get excited about either

    Hopefully Volkie can settle in and put those 2 shots behind him

  6. cliff

    currently, i wish our line-up was this “not good.”

  7. cliff

    at least yuni is coming up. i could get him out.

  8. AndyS

    I can’t believe I used a vacation day for this

    • rightsaidred

      Can we all agree to

      I used a sick day. *cough *cough 😛

  9. AnnapolisHoosier

    Is anybody really surprised? Volquez was shaky in spring training and was shaky when he came back last year. Bad command.

  10. cliff

    @rivercity i was just thinking the same thing…

    also, i wonder if when hamilton has a bad game, in texas, if they refer to him as TGTTEVF

  11. lookatthathat

    Has Josh Hamilton ever struck out Mark Kotsay? I think not!

    • rightsaidred

      Has Josh Hamilton ever struck out Mark Kotsay? I think not!

      Haha. Your Honor, I rest my case.

  12. rightsaidred

    The Reds have a hole to climb out of, hopefully it doesn’t grow still deeper . . .

  13. rightsaidred

    My least favorite version of Edinson – more HR and K’s than simple GO and FO.

  14. lookatthathat

    @cliff: Shhhhh. That was only in high school that he was clocked in the mid-90’s.

  15. lookatthathat

    I almost forgot that I loved Joey Votto. Almost.

  16. rightsaidred

    The Reds have at least displayed the same run scoring proficiency as last year . . .

  17. cliff

    not a fan of the sac bunt with the reigning mvp on deck.

  18. cliff

    @lookatthathat: if he puts up a stat line similar to last year, im getting a heart tattoo with his name on it square on my chest. think i<3mom tattoo but with vottomatic.

  19. lookatthathat

    Did you see Scott Rolen’s incredible #2 in the order at bat just then?

  20. lookatthathat

    @Jason in Toronto: It must be wrong. If Bill doesn’t know, then they’ve got it mixed up. I’m not even joking.

  21. cincymatt16

    Is LeCure available to pitch today?

  22. rightsaidred

    Any hopes of a quality start to open the season are out the window.

  23. rightsaidred

    I am very glad that my winningest pitcher prediction was not one Edinson Volquez

  24. lookatthathat

    @rightsaidred: Didn’t you know that pitchers pitch to win? EV is just pitching to the score right now…..or whatever….back of his baseball card?

  25. rightsaidred

    50 or so pitches in 2 innings. Calling Mr. LeCure.

    Does Edinson remember how to pitch inside?

  26. bho52

    It’s only one start, I wouldn’t rule out a strong season from Volquez. The delayed start in camp due to visa issues has probably hurt him more than we expected. It may take this start and another one for him to get locked in. The good thing is he says he’s comfortable and feels good. The bad thing is what we’re having to watch right now

  27. Big Ed

    I don’t know, bho52, I think the bad thing is that Volquez says he’s comfortable and feels good.

  28. bho52

    it’s good that he’s healthy and his arm feels good. given how he’s missing his spots, i think it’s obvious he’s not regular season ready yet, and could’ve used some more spring training innings to get ready.

  29. rightsaidred

    Dusty’s Brain: Edgar woulda mashed that 🙄

  30. lookatthathat

    Did you see Hernandez clog the basepaths there????

    Oh wait. He didn’t.

  31. rightsaidred

    Stubbs gets a nice pitch and duffs it. Ugh, no room for error and we are only in 1st third?

  32. rightsaidred

    Hey Hey Hey. Edinson trying to get us going?

  33. rightsaidred

    Not a big deal but Yovanni gettng more favorable calls on the outside corner than the home pitch …

  34. rightsaidred

    Brantley has not improved his play by play calling ability in the least, haha

  35. rightsaidred

    Looks like Janish is going to make us look like geniuses or fools!

  36. rightsaidred

    Check that, I forgot about Ramon.

  37. lookatthathat

    Obscene language. Oh well. Good inning. Lotso pitches. Gallardo won’t make it to the 5th if he keeps that up.

  38. cliff

    gomes’ obp versus righties is .500… and you guys wanted a platoon!!

  39. rightsaidred

    I wish it had been Janish. Way to wait for your pitch Ramon. Big missed opportunity with a score and opponent that doesn’t give them the luxury of mistakes.

    Bring up Miller, Moreseco, Grandal, and whomever else can pop a squat behind the plate. 😆

  40. BenL

    Drew Stubbs!! 4-2, and Volquez has settled down. I’m starting to feel a little better about this game…

  41. rightsaidred

    Stubbs looks golden and Phillips looks meh near the top.

  42. OklahomaChase

    Volquez needs a good inning here.

  43. AndyS

    @BenL: Me too. Also, I remembered that there are 161 more games anyway.

  44. jessica

    I am so excited that baseball is finally back! I wish I could be watching it right now…..this should be a national holiday!

  45. metalhead65

    gee what a great way to start the season by our ‘ace” pitcher. just doesn’t get any better than this does it?I hear the rangers are on the phone offering another one of thier minor league hot pitching prospects for Jay Bruce, I think this Bruce kid is overrated anyway and the rangers guy has the potential to one day sometime in the future to have a good third of a season so yea make the deal reds!

  46. BenL

    @AndyS: Never mind about feeling better about this one… but you’re right, there are 161 more games No need to panic.

  47. BenL

    @BenL: There was supposed to be a “(breaths into paper bag)” before “No need to panic”, but I put it in angle brackets and the stupid internet made it disappear…

  48. AndyS

    @BenL: It’s “breathes,” not “breaths.” Learn to spell, Professor.

  49. rightsaidred

    Can we comeback against the Brewers pen?

  50. rightsaidred

    Missed opportunity #2 and I think that is the last real good shot we get to make this a ball game.

  51. rightsaidred

    Reds with identical numbers in the hit column and more baserunners but that darn score column just won’t budge.

    The Brewers offense looks more like the Reds from last year than the Reds do.

  52. bho52

    @RedLegHerrm: it was pretty brutal hearing Brennaman reiterate that the Reds were the first team ever to give Cairo a multi-year deal

  53. bho52

    maybe Gomes waited until now to contribute?

  54. BenL


  55. Fred Norman

    Splendid. Nice way to open the season.

  56. CaptainTonyKW

    C’mon: Heisey here, not Hernandez

    Ugh, stupid Dusty!

  57. jrob45601

    Saw a lot of people on here asking why not use Heisey in a couple of spots. Remember that he is the only back up outfielder. Only way he gets in a 9 inning game is with an injury.

  58. metalhead65

    what a great win! to bad the guy TGTTJH for showED his value once again. I can’t wait to hear the excuses for the guy this time. yes I know it is a long season but his pitching will make it a longer one. and if you think 5 runs in 6 innings is a quality start then you are beyond hopeless!none of your new stupid stats can gloss over the fact he just plain sucked!

  59. jrob45601

    Agree at no worse than Gomes. I would have used him earlier in the game, but not there for Hernandez. He had good at bats all day. But Dusty showed last year he won’t use that last guy. Bottom line is poor roster management. 3 back up IF, but 1 OF. Especially bad cause Gomes should be replaced defensively in every games that he starts, and should rarely face a right handed pitcher.

  60. cliff

    if volkie is giving up a run per inning and were still winning, thats a good sign. this team fights like no other sports team ive seen, besides maybe the 2001 patriots. (and the pistons of a few years back, of course for different reasons) everyone is so quick to plug in hanigan or mesoraco but while those guys are the future, hernandez has shown over the past 163 games that he is very servicable, and you dont take serviceable catchers for granted.

    ramon hernandez for MVP.

  61. CaptainTonyKW

    Just a thought here, most here were not happy with the lineups dusty used last year and what happen we won the division.Now we are upset on the lineup day and what happened we won.So are we wrong and Dusty knows what he is doing, are is this just one of the luckiest teams in baseball history?

    Short answer: Everything is Dusty’s fault unless it has a positive outcome.

  62. jrob45601

    Some of you may have noticed, but I am not a fan of Dusty Baker. But I will say there is one thing he does very well, and that is motivate his players. Before he got here, the players seemed to just go through the motions, and fall asleep when they got behind. These guys now play the whole game. If Dusty would use a little more statistical analysis, and a little less eye ball, and a lot less gut feeling, I think this team would win more games.