Aaaahh, Opening Day.

Anyone that’s been to Opening Day in Cincinnati knows how special it is. It’s a magical day, no matter what the weather, no matter the score, no matter the expectations for the upcoming season. If you haven’t been to Opening Day, you really need to make a point to go at some point in your life. It’s a festive occasion that every Reds fan needs to experience.

Our friends over at have a story about some folks that have seen more consecutive Opening Days than anyone currently:

Lou and Bev Dollin know what’s so special about Opening Day.

They should. They’ve been going to the game longer than anyone else. …(snip)…

The Dollins have been part of Opening Day crowds for decades.

“I always wear the Reds’ colors,” he said, “my Reds hat and clean white underwear.”

The gregarious 80-year-old retired shoe manufacturer’s rep – “Ever hear the name ‘Dexter?’ Great shoes! I sold them to stores all over Cincinnati” – and Bev, his shy wife of 57 years – “How long have we been married? TDL! Too darned long!” – went to their first Cincinnati Reds Opening Day in 1946. …(snip)…

They plan to keep that streak alive Thursday.

“We’ll start with our pre-game ritual,” Dollin said. “A cheese coney at Skyline, near our home in Deerfield Township. Have to support the home team.”

At first, Bev, 79, and Lou didn’t go to the game together. “We didn’t get married until Jan. 3, 1954,” Dollin said. “Bang! Say sayonara! Another single guy bites the dust.” …(snip)…

Their combined consecutive streak started eight years earlier.

“We both started going to Opening Day in 1946,” Bev Dollin said. “But I didn’t know Lou then. I got my tickets from my grandmother.” …(snip)…

“Just to be part of that crowd,” he said with a chuckle, “makes you feel like it’s the first day of summer, no matter how cold and rainy it is.

“To see those people on the street, you get such an upbeat feeling,” he added. “Just watching them walk to the ballpark, you’d swear they were dancing in the street.”

Read the whole article; it’s a great story.

I would LOVE to sit next to Mr. Dollin at a game; he sounds like he’s a hoot. Hope that he and Mrs. Dollin have a great day and bring home a winner!