Ran across this article today:

Cincinnati Reds fans can look forward to a more interactive experience with their favorite players this baseball season. Three kiosks will allow them to conduct “virtual” interviews with their favorite players starting on opening day, March 31, at the Great American Ballpark.

Although Kiosk Information Systems manufactured the kiosks, nSixty developed the technology behind them, said Jason Blair of nSixty.

The kiosks allow fans to choose to interview a variety of Reds players, including Joey Votto, Scott Rolen, Jay Bruce, Jonny Gomes, Drew Stubbs and Bronson Arroyo and then share their videos via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

I don’t really understand exactly how this will work, but it sounds pretty “cutting edge” at least for the Reds.

Be careful, Reds PR department: wouldn’t want the fans to have access to the players.