John Fay’s article on Jonny Cueto is a bit more optimistic, but cautious::

Cueto returned to Cincinnati where he will be examined by team medical director Dr. Tim Kremchek on Monday.

“It was a tiny spot,” Price said. “This time of year you want to be ultraconservative.”


Again, Price downplayed the significance of the setback.

“It’s not a major issue or I don’t think it is,” he said.

“But I’m not a doctor. It’s better than it was the last time but it’s not 100 percent. We just didn’t want to take a chance of making it worse.”


“You don’t want to jump to any conclusions,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “It’s not in the elbow or shoulder. It’s more in the muscle.”

Said Price: “I think everyone is optimistic. We don’t think it’s a serious injury. But it’s enough of a concern that we’re not going to try to force him to throw through it. If it was the playoffs, I don’t think he would have said anything about it at all.

“But we want him to be extremely honest. He threw his bullpen and he was fine. He threw his pre-game warmup and he was fine. He felt it on couple of pitches. We took the stance that it was better to be on the conservative side … Hopefully, we don’t have any major setbacks.”

Reds management is being optimistic, at least publicly. I hope they’re right, but when something happens a second time, it definitely makes me concerned.

– Nice to see friend of Redleg Nation, Devin Mesoraco get some love from the Enquirer. When asked if Devin’s skills have developed that he’d be ready to help at the major league level, if the Reds needed him, Dusty Baker said:

“He might be,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “To me, he was the most improved guy in the spring last year. He was my pick-to-click from what I saw in spring training. He had always a problem with a sore arm, but he was throwing great. He’s going to hit. He’s getting better at catching. He’s still got work to do. But he’s really, really improved. He works hard. He takes charge. He’s quiet. He listens.
“He’s wants to play. He comes to play,” Baker added. “He could be very good.”

Devin’s had a very good spring, hitting .435 with a homer. But he didn’t sit on his laurels from last season, working on changing his swing:

“Coming into camp this offseason, I really worked on shortening my swing,” he said. “At times last year, I would get so long — try to hit a home run every at-bat. I think this camp I shortened up a little bit and tried to stay up the middle. I have had a lot of line drive hits up the middle and just base hits, using the middle of the field. That’s what good hitters do.

“Going into the big leagues, guys are going to adjust to you. But, if there are no holes in your swing, you’re going to be a lot better off.”

– And Mesoraco’s continuing development might be important if this next blurb means anything…

Hernandez was supposed to start Saturday’s game at Goodyear. He was a scratched.

“He’s sore,” Baker said. “He’ll probably play (Saturday).”

The soreness is not related to Hernandez’s knee. Hernandez only has 16 at-bats — about seven fewer than Hanigan and Mesoraco.

When a catcher with chronic bad knees is “sore” before spring training is barely half over, no matter what the club tells me, I’m concerned.