Reds general manager Walt Jocketty mentioned another possible role for Chapman for the first time: Closer.

“We would still leave (starting) as an option,” Jocketty said. “He definitely could be a top-of-the-rotation guy. He’s either going to have to do that or be a closer. I don’t see him being a set-up guy forever.”

I don’t like him even floating this….and the “Cordero’s my closer this year” line doesn’t mean they might not move him later in the year and put Chapman in that role, if they felt he could handle it.

Bryan Price has a semi-different view of what he thinks the Reds might do long term:

“My feeling is we’re going to give him an opportunity to start because he has a chance to be a shutdown starter,” pitching coach Bryan Price said. “He certainly has the stuff of a guy who can pitch at the top of a rotation. However, I don’t think that No. 1 starters are defined solely by stuff. I think there are a lot things that we don’t know about Aroldis that will help him define his best role for this club.

“This year, might help define where he is best suited to help us in the near future.”

I know it’s spring training and writers have to fill space, but this bothers me…I want this kid starting games and sooner rather than later.