From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

– John Fay writes a nice article on Sam LeCure and how well he’s thrown in camp:

LeCure, a 26-year-old right-hander, has been as effective as anyone in camp. He has not allowed a run in his four outings, allowing six hits and no walks and striking out nine over seven innings.

But the long and short of it is that LeCure’s got a very uphill battle to make this team. There are probably 7 bullpen spots available and Cordero, Masset, Chapman, Bray, and Ondrusek are locks, in my opinion. I thought coming in, if Burton was healthy, he made the team. That leaves everyone else fighting for one spot and the organization wants Willis to win that final spot (and he’s done enough thus far to be the odds on favorite). Arredondo is still a possibility, but I think he starts the year in Louisville also.

More interesting to me is what the organization decides to do with LeCure in Louisville..will he start or relieve?

– Also, there’s a blurb in the print edition (can’t find a link to it) about Cueto.

Basically Dusty is tired of answering questions about him. He said, “He’s fine. He threw (Tuesday). I know you’ve got to ask, but it’s a thing where everybody wants it to be more serious than it is. It’s not.”

“Everybody wants it to be more serious than it is”? I don’t think so…