Remember 2010?

Yeah, it was kinda fun, huh? The Cincinnati Reds spent almost an entire decade making us miserable, just so they could … totally redeem themselves!

After that exciting season, Mark Schmetzer and Joe Jacobs put together a fun little book to commemorate 2010, entitled The Comeback Kids: Cincinnati Reds 2010 Championship Season.

We’re all still kinda basking in the glow of last year’s NL Central division championship, and The Comeback Kids is a great way to reminisce. I already used the best word to describe the book: fun. There are a ton of great photographs (including a number of fantastic pictures taken by one particular friend of The Nation), the writing is crisp, the layout is good.

The book looks back on 2010, month-by-month, with more specific takes on various items like last year’s rookies, the defense, the first year at Goodyear, the Civil Rights Game. Almost everything about the 2010 season is documented, right down to the ballpark giveaways. Truthfully, it’s as much a yearbook as it is anything.

Anyway, it’s a fun book and a neat little keepsake in commemoration of a great year. Recommended.