* Over at Reds.com, buried at the end of an article about how well Brandon Phillips and Edgar Renteria are getting along, I see this:

“I’m working on just seeing a lot of pitches,” Phillips said. “If I strike out, I strike out. It’s only spring. But the more pitches I see, the better off, and the more comfortable I’ll be during the season. Because if you see a lot of pitches when you’re up there, then you’ll have more success and you’ll know what all the pitchers’ pitches look like, instead of just going up there and swinging at the first pitch every time and getting hits.”

That. Is. Fantastic. I can’t believe Brandon Phillips actually said those words.

* Dontrelle WIllis is hurt. The way the injury occurred, however, isn’t something you see every day:

After not having an injury all spring, the Reds have suffered two in two days. Dontrelle Willis sprained his right ankle when he tripped over the bat while backing up home plate in the Reds’ 7-6 win over the Cubs in Mesa.


* Homer Bailey was pleased with his outing yesterday. He says he’s fine-tuning things and is pleased with his progress. Okay, then.

* Dusty Baker is focused on the Reds, not on his time with the Cubs. Well, that’s good.