Yesterday was a pretty ugly day for the Redlegs; a 15-2 loss to a division rival is never fun. Homer Bailey and Mike Leake were the most important names who were roughed up. Bailey allowed four earned runs and six hits over 2 2/3 innings, with no walks and three strikeouts. Leake was touched for four earned runs on nine hits over three innings.

Everyone seems to agree that Homer’s outing wasn’t that bad. According to Dusty Baker:

“Homer threw the ball well,” Reds manager Dusty Baker said. “He was one out from a really good line.”

Dusty’s evaluation of Leake’s day was different:

“Leake got some balls up, and they didn’t miss them,” manager Dusty Baker said. “They flared a bunch of balls. They hit balls hard.”

There is still plenty of time before Opening Day gets here, but I’d be very surprised if Mike Leake isn’t in AAA to begin the 2011 campaign.