Cincinnati Reds righthander Sam LeCure, who made 122 of his 129 minor league appearances as a starter, is working to make the major league team in one of the available long-relief roles. LeCure could turn into a #3 or 4 starter down the road, but given the Reds current rotation depth, his chance in the short-term with the major league club will be in the bullpen. beat writer Mark Sheldon notes that LeCure performed very well in 9 relief appearances for the Reds at the end of last year. Before that, all seven of his minor league relief appearances came at Billings in 2005, the year he was drafted.

Reds pitching coach Bryan Price believes LeCure is built well to be a reliever — both physically and mentally.

“Once his arm is in shape, he’s shown the durability to be able to pitch, take a day off and pitch again,” Price said. “He’s a strike thrower. He’s got good stuff. He can control the running game and be quick to the plate. He’s a good fielder. What he really wants to do is have the opportunity to compete.”

The complete article is a great read on LeCure and his gratitude for opportinuties both on and off the field of play.

“One day I woke up and thought there was so much in this world that goes unnoticed,” LeCure said. “People aren’t grateful for some of the simple pleasures that we have. I think it came from going down to the Dominican in winter ball and seeing how those people live. That’s really an eye-opener. You don’t realize how important little things like fingernail clippers or toilet paper and stuff like that is if you’ve never lived without it. There are trials and tribulations of life, and one of the ways I felt like I could get through that was focusing on the positive things. I could take some comfort in that.”