It’s a slow Friday, but things won’t be slow for long. Spring training games are rapidly approaching. Even better, Marty Brennaman will be back on the radio, beginning Sunday with the game against Cleveland at 3 PM.

In the meantime, while we’re waiting for Marty’s dulcet tones to fill the air, how about some not-so-random thoughts?

*I’m a Netflix junkie, especially their streaming video, which we watch through our PS3 and on the iPad (they really need to get their Android app finished). On a related note, I was excited to see that Amazon was now offering movies and television shows via instant streaming, as part of their Amazon Prime program.

I’m already a Prime member (I’m a complete Amazon fanboy; I think it’s the greatest company on earth), and I tested it out. Works pretty well, though there’s no iPad or PS3 apps yet. (Of course, I found that I could access it via my Android browser, which is pretty cool.) Soon we won’t need actual discs. I love the future.

* Speaking of movies, the Academy Awards are taking place this weekend. I have seen nine of the ten Best Picture nominees (and I’m hoping to see the final film, 127 Hours, tomorrow). My favorite film of the year was The King’s Speech, followed closely by True Grit. Both were incredible.

Here is my ranking of the nine Best Picture nominees that I have seen:

1. The King’s Speech: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush, and Helena Bonham Carter (first non-weirdo role she’s ever had) were all great. An excellent film.
2. True Grit: The performance of 14 year-old Hailee Stansfield was breathtaking. I’m a sucker for (a) a good western; and (b) a Coen Brothers movie. This movie scored on both counts.
3. Black Swan: A fascinating thriller with a nice twist. I’m sick of Natalie Portman (whose speech at the Golden Globes was nothing short of grotesque), but she’s excellent in this role.
4. (tie) The Kids Are All Right: A unique plot, and the brilliant performances of Annette Bening and Julianne Moore helped me to stomach Mark Ruffalo (who is actually pretty good in this movie, but I just don’t like the guy for some reason).
4. (tie) Winter’s Bone: I had a hard time picking between these two. Winter’s Bone took place in a rural, poverty-stricken area, and I have a lot of experience with the issues raised (as a result of my day job). It’s an excellent film.
6. The Social Network: Well-written, well-acted; just a solid, if not spectacular, movie.
7. Inception: Overrated, but still entertaining. Leo DiCaprio has made some strange choices, but he’s always great in everything in which he appears.
8. The Fighter: Mark Wahlberg isn’t very good, frankly, but Christian Bale is just stupid good in the role of Dicky Eklund, loser brother of Wahlberg’s character. If there is a better actor around than Bale, I’m not sure I know who it is. Also, Amy Adams is very good, as always (and very, very easy on the eyes).
9. Toy Story 3: A good movie, and the kids liked it, but this shouldn’t be a Best Picture nominee. It wasn’t even the best animated movie of the year; Despicable Me was much better. Still, Pixar is great.

*This guy captured some photographs of birds at 1/8000th of a second. They’re amazing. The birds look like superheroes.

*”Back To The Future,” another cool photography project. They took childhood pictures, then recreated them decades later after the children had grown. Same poses, outfits, backgrounds. Very interesting results.

* Did you hear about this: Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked. Wow.

* I liked this clip of David Letterman’s short-lived morning show from 1980. Still funny, and it’s startling how similar the show is to Letterman’s current program.

* Awkward Family Photos. These are great.

* This may be the world’s greatest license plate, but my state has no sense of humor and won’t let him keep it.

* I love this: The Black Keys vs. Vampire Weekend on The Colbert Report

* I despise the Patriots, but this was kinda cool. Running back Danny Woodhead went undercover as a Modell’s employee in an attempt to sell his jersey. If you’ve seen Woodhead, you know he looks like a Modell’s employee.

* A photographic exploration of an abandoned theme park.

* Submitted without editorial comment: the world’s largest undies.

* Best interception ever.

* The Call of Duty games are ludicrously popular, a fact which bewilders me. Lego Black Ops, however…now you’re talking:

* The world’s 18 strangest movie sets.