From the Cincinnati Enquirer:

– Blurb on the ongoing Wainwright-Gomes controversy. Gomes is sort of apologizing, but still saying he didn’t do anything wrong. IMO, it’s been overblown and it’s done, move on…nothing to see here.

– Dontrelle Willis, who is one of the stories generating some media interest, “impressed” Bryan Price in his first workout.

“I thought he really looked good,” pitching coach Bryan Price said. “I was very pleased.”

– Jerry Gil has caught Dusty’s eye. Reason? He throws up to 96 MPH…

“He’s throwing the ball good,” Baker said. “The trainers told me he’s working harder now that he’s a pitcher than he was as position player. I talked to him this morning. He says he’s got to keep his arm and legs right. He’s made a pretty quick transition. He could move up the ranks quick.”

But unless he can throw it in the same zip code as the plate, he’s not going to move up.

Article on the Reds catching situation which talks about how well Hernandez and Hanigan get along and that being part of the reason for their success, along with their weaknesses meshing (Hernandez’s bad knees keep him from catching 140 games and because of Hanigan’s stature, he tends to wear down). I didn’t realize that Hanigan’s OPS was .871 before the AS break and .670 after.

Fay says the Reds haven’t had this kind of catching stability (Hernandez, Hanigan, Miller, Mesoraco, and Grandal) since the days of Johnny Bench.