Dusty Baker and Scott Rolen (The Enquirer/Michael Keating)

Everyone knows Scott Rolen has a difficult time staying off the disabled list. For the first time in several years, Rolen was actually in the lineup more often than not in 2010. He responded by putting up MVP-type numbers in the first half. That didn’t last, as Rolen slumped terribly down the stretch, clearly beaten up by the long grind.

From my perspective, Dusty Baker did a pretty good job of resting Rolen last year, but Scottie was still so worn down by the playoffs that he could barely stand.

Rolen has a plan for staying fresher this year, and it begins in spring training:

“One of things, I want to look at is playing a little less here,” he said. “In Toronto, I was playing one of three. Here, it was every other day. I like to keep a few more bullets in the chamber.”

Rolen evidently talked to Dusty about this yesterday. I think it’s a fine idea. Anything the Reds can do to help Rolen stay healthier should be a priority. The difference in value between a healthy Rolen and his primary backups, Miguel Cairo and (assumedly) Edgar Renteria, is as wide as the Grand Canyon.