It seems to be the time of year when everyone is releasing their top prospects list. I dunno, I like hearing about these guys, but I’m ready for some real baseball.

Anyway, our buddy Nick points us to this AOL Fanhouse piece by scout Frankie Piliere. In breaking down his top 100 prospects, he has placed four Reds in the top 70: Aroldis Chapman (8), Devin Mesoraco (49), Billy Hamilton (59), and Yonder Alonso (69). Go check out his comments.

Of more interest to me is that Nick went the extra mile and did this tally, which confirms what other prospect lists have maintained:

NL Central breakdown
Reds (4): Nos. 8, 49, 59, 69

Cardinals (2): Nos. 18, 83

Cubs (2): Nos. 51, 61

Pirates (2): Nos. 24, 43

Astros (1): No. 38

Brewers (1): No. 92

Yes, it’s a good time to be a Reds fan.