You are going to want to get your hands on the 2011 Maple Street Press Reds Annual.

Why? Well, it’s 128 pages packed with everything you need to know about the Cincinnati Reds as they begin the 2011 season. The Annual is an in-depth look at your favorite organization, with some excellent writing from a range of authors. You can purchase the annual on newsstands and bookstores and elsewhere in March, but you may want to go ahead and pre-order your copy today.

I mentioned that the writing was excellent, and that’s absolutely true. The preview was edited by friend of the Nation Joel Luckhaupt, and he recruited a roster of quality writers…although a couple of your humble Redleg Nation editors (Chris Garber and yours truly) wrote pieces for the annual. I can vouch for Chris’s contribution, but I’m sure that my article (Ten Keys to 2011) is quite sub-par. Sorry about that.

In honesty, I have been amazed by the quality of this product. I couldn’t be more pleased with how the preview looks. It’s a very professional-looking product, and I’m proud to be associated with it.

Below the fold, I’ll steal Joel’s little preview of each article, but I urge you to consider picking up the Annual at some point. It’s definitely worth a read.

Repeat Image by Joel Luckhaupt
I give a little preview of next season and remind everyone that repeating is even harder than winning in the first place. I’m fun at parties too.

2011 Reds Player Profiles by Joel Luckhaupt
In depth profiles of every key player on the Reds for the upcoming season plus some interesting stats and breakdowns of what makes each player successful (or a failure).

Back To Winning by Justin Merry
Justin breaks down the entire 2010 season as only Justin can. As always, you’ll learn something about last year that you never knew that you didn’t know.

This And That by Josh Shreve
Some weird stuff happened in 2010. Josh takes a look at the ephemera of the season gone by.

Standing In Their Way by Joel Luckhaupt
In case you haven’t noticed, the NL Central is better in 2011. A look at the challenges the Reds will face in 2011.

Ten Keys To 2011 by Chad Dotson
Chad identifies the 10 things that may be most important to success for the 2011 Reds.

A Dream Come True by David Laurila
A Q&A with Mike Leake about his 2010 season and what he needs to do to be successful in 2011.

Dusty’s Road by Ken Massey
An awesome analysis of Dusty Baker’s tendencies and whether his various reputations are deserved.

The Cuban Missile by Brandon Kraeling
A little Pitch-fx never hurt anyone. BK examines how special Aroldis Chapman is.

Sustainable Farming by Geoffrey Taylor
An interesting look at the fact that the majority of the successful teams for the Reds over the last 4 decades have been built from within.

Avoid Ugly Contracts by Gray Kimbrough
Another key to success is to not have your roster burdened down by shitty contracts.

A Portrait Of The Hitter As A Young Man by Kris Vigneron
In case you haven’t noticed, Jay Bruce is growing up right in front of us. Kris profiles the Reds’ right fielder.

Touch ‘Em All by Larry Granillo
The Tater Trot Tracker breaks down the Reds’ season in home run trots. The Reds were even good at that too.

Keystone Consistency by Mark McKinniss
Brandon Phillips’ season lines have become rather predictable, but that doesn’t mean picking up his 2012 option should be a given at this point.

Factoring The Ball Park by Justin Merry
Is GABP really a hitter’s haven? Justin breaks it down completely and finds out.

The Future’s Still Bright by Geoffrey Taylor and Brandon Kraeling
A look back at every minor league season for the Reds organization in 2010.

Reds Top 20 Prospects by Geoffrey Taylor and Brandon Kraeling
Yeah, the title of the article sort of gives this one away.

The Global Arms Market by Josh Shreve
The Reds are making a big dent in international scouting. Josh examines how they are getting it done.

Saying Goodbye by Brendan Cartwright
A fitting tribute to the greatest manager in Reds history.

You Never Know by Mark McKinniss
This season is the 50th anniversary of the start of the greatest stretch of baseball in Reds history. Mark looks at how it all started.

Too Much Young Pitching? by Greg Gajus
Feel like the Reds have too much young pitching and should trade that depth for other needs? Greg has a cautionary tale from our very own organization.

Baseball’s True Iron Man by Ken Massey
Pete Rose doesn’t get enough credit for how awesome he was after he turned 30 years old.

Best Of The Best by Chris Garber
Joey Votto became the 10th player in Reds history to win an NL MVP. Chris checks out how his 2010 season stacks up against the other past winners.