Steve Henson of Yahoo Sports has taken a look at the Reds off-season. He talks about this year’s payroll actually being lower than last, about how the deferred salaries could be a risk to the Reds future, etc…he also predicts that Renteria will be the starting SS, playing 100 games.

But he says this…

Reds brass believes attendance at the Great American Ballpark could increase from two million to nearly three million this season. That would take a lot of W’s.

With something like 145 games on TV, a tough economy, minor league / non affiliated teams (thus cheaper tickets, etc) in Dayton, Lexington, Indianapolis, Florence, etc, plus other factors that I hadn’t thought of….is this a reasonable expectation by the Reds front office?

Do you believe this team can/will draw almost one million more fans than it did last year?