From yesterFay:

When Jocketty said Paul Janish is the starting shortstop Saturday at a Caravan stop, the crowd applauded loudly. Cincinnati fans appreciate effort. and persistence. Janish is being rewarded for both. Jocketty said Edgar Renteria will take ground balls at third and first base during spring.

That ought to end the shortstop speculation, at least until mid-March.  But Edger Renteria at first base?  Hopefully, Joey Votto will play 155 games there, but if you’re looking for a backup 1B, do you really turn to the guy with a 78 OPS+ over the past three seasons?  If you must mis-cast a backup 1B, what’s wrong with Ramon Hernandez?

For what it’s worth, our new utilityman has played 17,390 innings in the major leagues.  He’s played 17,389 at SS, and 1 at 1B.