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Chat today with Joe Strauss from the STL Post Dispatch:
Thomas C.: I know it’s early, but what does your NL Central projected standings look like at this point:

Joe Strauss: Many will lampoon this, but…I like St. Louis and Chicago 1 and 2 (in either order), and Cincinnati and Milwaukee 3 and 4. The same folks who consumed the Brewer Kool-Aid last season have absolutely OD’d on the trade for Greinke. I’m not sold but am impressed by Marcum’s potential for a breakout. The Brewers have serious defense and depth issues (sound familiar?). The Garza trade was huge for the Cubs. Zambrano was 8-0 in his last 11 starts last season. When Big Z rolls, the Cubs are a force. Cincinnati will see a regression to the mean by several of their big guns. Scott Rolen is every much a concern to the Reds as Puma is to the Cardinals. Lot of high ceilings but also a lot of variables within their rotation. Houston and Pittsburgh occupy their obvious slots.

Soooooo, what do YOU think?