Via Mark Sheldon:

This just in — the Reds and Joey Votto have agreed to terms Sunday on a three-year, $38 million contract with 1B Joey Votto, baseball sources told This is pending a physical, which is scheduled for Monday.

I’m underwhelmed. Basically, the Reds have bought out all of Votto’s arbitration seasons. Meh.

From Cincinnati’s perspective, they likely saved some money over what they would have paid if Votto had taken them to arbitration each of the next three years. Not much money, but another monster season by Votto would have upped the ante considerably. At the very least, the Reds have some cost certainty going forward.

Votto is getting some big money, and he didn’t bargain away any of his free agency years. I really hoped that the Reds would be able to sign Votto for five or six years, getting Votto under contract for some of the years in which he could explore free agency. Of course, you can’t blame Joey Votto for refusing to sign a contract that extended past his arbitration seasons. I would have done the exact same thing if I were in Votto’s position.

It isn’t a bad deal for the Reds, it isn’t a good deal for the Reds. Nothing to get too excited about, nothing to be disappointed with. The Reds already had Votto for the next three seasons. This deal is just, well…meh.