In today’s print edition of the Enquirer, John Fay writes an article detailing the Reds arbitration-eligible players (Joey Votto, Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, and Bill Bray). He believes Votto could be awarded (if it goes to arbitration) as much as $10M (Ryan Howard-ish numbers) and that Bray could double his $420,000 salary from 2010. Fay thinks Cueto and Volquez will be somewhere in between.

What do you think? What numbers do you think the players and teams will exchange? How do you think this scenario will play out? Remember the Reds haven’t been to arbitration with a player since ’04 (Chris Reitsma) and his agent (Brian Goldberg) said that shouldn’t have gone to the hearing, but that it was “a first time GM making a point”.

So, what happens?

Late News Flash…There is a report on the Enquirer that the Reds may be close to a deal with Joey. Says 3 years (which buys out his arbitration years) for $37M.

What do you think of this?