Since every old guy that I bump into seems to be so interested: Yes, it IS cold enough for me. Thanks for asking every single day.

What’s that? You came here to talk about the Cincinnati Reds? Well, I’m loathe to mention it again at this point, since it makes me sad, but I’m not sure we have actually noted the specifics of Edgar Renteria’s contract here. So, for posterity’s sake:

Edgar Renteria will receive $2.1 million under his one-year contract with the Reds.

Renteria can earn an additional $850,000 in performance bonuses under Monday’s agreement, starting with 300 plate appearances. He would earn the entire amount if he has 550 plate appearances.

Renteria will back up Paul Janish at shortstop, replacing Orlando Cabrera as a Cincinnati reserve.

Regarding that last sentence above…well, as Jim Bouton would say: “Riiiiiiiiiiight.” I don’t believe for one second that Renteria will be backing up Janish.

UPDATE: We’ve added a poll on the Renteria/Janish question. It’s over in the left sidebar. Go vote!