I hated Chemistry class in high school. Just hated it and couldn’t wait until it was over. When I got to The University, I was forced to take a certain number of classes in math/science; I loaded up on math and took the minimum number of science hours that I was permitted. That boiled down to two Astronomy classes, one of which is memorable only for being the lowest grade I made in college.

Really the only thing I remember about high school chemistry is the long rant our class was forced to endure one day from our hippie teacher about “the rap music.” Yeah, it’s safe to say I didn’t learn much about chemistry.

John Fay knows a little something about chemistry, or at least he’s written a little something about it. This piece deals primarily with how the team’s chemistry will be affected by the departures of Arthur Rhodes and Orlando Cabrera.

My thoughts about “chemistry” have been posted here many times, so I’ll not dive into that pool again. I’ve never been in a major league clubhouse. There may very well be something called chemistry that affects teams. Funny how no bad teams have good chemistry, though. One would think there would have been a team or two across baseball history who had good chemistry, but lost a lot of games. Makes you wonder.