You can choose who you wish to believe. Recent comments made by GM Walt Jocketty lead one to believe that Edgar Renteria would be signed to be a backup shortstop. Renteria, on the other hand, has a different impression:

“I feel happy for the opportunity to keep playing shortstop full time. That was the main reason to accept the offer from the Reds,” Renteria told

Perhaps Renteria is mistaken, although I’m not sure how that would happen. Perhaps Jocketty does intend for him to be the backup at short. It’s possible.

Perhaps, even if Renteria were signed to be the starter, Dusty Baker will do a 180 and decide that he likes Paul Janish more than the veteran corpse of a shortstop that he’s been provided, and Janish will get the majority of the playing time. All available evidence, on the other hand, would indicate otherwise*, but it’s possible, isn’t it?

You believe what you want. My strong suspicion is that we saw this same song and dance last off-season, and it’s increasingly obvious that Paul Janish will never get a chance to play in Cincinnati. That isn’t the worst thing in the world — Janish is not Barry Larkin — but it is a shame. His defense at shortstop would likely be among the best in the league over a full season, and the advanced metrics indicate he’s a good bet to be more valuable than Renteria.

Unfortunately, Paul Janish never played for the Cardinals.

*A. Baker has steadfastly refused to put Janish on the field for two years if he had any other option.
B. Alex Gonzalez: .210/.258/.296 , defense inferior to Janish.
C. Orlando Cabrera: .263/.303/.354, defense inferior to Janish.

The prosecution rests.