GM Walt Jocketty says the Reds saved some money by not signing Arthur Rhodes. That’s a good thing, and it’ll help the Reds address some weaknesses on the roster, right? Right?

“What we’re looking for is veteran outfielder, preferably a left-handed hitting outfielder and an infielder who can back up at shortstop,” Jocketty said.

Jocketty confirmed that the Reds had spoken to agents for both Scott Podsednik and Edgar Renteria.

Good grief.

Jocketty has properly identified a couple of weaknesses, as you might expect. His proposed solutions vex me, however. I’ve already told you what I think about Podsednik. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, but it makes very little sense for this team.

Signing the corpse of Edgar Renteria, however, is a disaster waiting to happen. But hey, he had a great World Series, didn’t he? Maybe those five games (ignore the 180 OPS in the NLCS the week before) are more meaningful than the last three seasons combined.

Signing Renteria wouldn’t be a very big deal if, as Jocketty stated, he were just a backup infielder. Those aren’t the signings I get worked up about (even if I’m not certain he’d be any better than Zack Cozart at this point in his career). Raise your hand, however, if you think Dusty Baker will start Paul Janish over Renteria on a regular basis. Anyone?

I’m just not smart enough to understand, I suppose, because I don’t see how either player makes the Reds better.