This is not encouraging:

The Cincinnati Reds have joined the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in pursuit of Scott Podsednik this offseason, according to

The Reds would have the lefty Podsednik hitting leadoff and platooning with the right-handed Jonny Gomes, the site reports.

This is not a good development, friends and neighbors. Podsednik has no power, he can’t steal bases efficiently any longer, and the advanced defensive metrics say his defense has been poor for the last few years. He has had exactly one — count ’em, one — above-average season in his entire career, and that came when he was 27. He’ll be 35 before the 2011 season starts. You do the math.

There is a reason this guy has played for six teams in nine seasons. At his age, he isn’t the answer to any question that is worth asking. There is a pretty good chance that he’ll be a replacement-level player next season, to go along with the mohawked replacement-level player we already have out there. I can’t believe the Reds would prefer both those guys to Chris Heisey.

I’m afraid this won’t end well.