Jay Bruce has confirmed what many of us have suspected: Joey Votto’s recent comments about staying in Cincinnati were blown way out of proportion:

Bruce talked to his good friend Votto last night. The notion that Votto has one foot out the door is greatly exaggerated, Bruce said, even though Votto has approached talk of a long-term deal differently.

“The thing with Joey is he’s been a little different,” Bruce said. “I think people are construing it a little different than it is. Joey does not want to leave. He told me last night, ‘I don’t want to go anywhere. I love Cincinnati. I want to be here.’ You have to understand Joey and I are in a different situation. He’s almost four years older than me. He doesn’t want to go anywhere – for people to think that he does is not the right thought.”

Bruce didn’t mention another way he’s different: Votto is also an MVP right now. Fans need to be patient with Votto. He has some leverage, and you can’t blame him for using that to his benefit. I have a good feeling that Votto will be a Red for a while yet. Cincinnati seems to suit him and his personality.

Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I do not, however, see any reason to panic that Votto is on his way out of town. Yet. 🙂