The Enquirer reports that Reds utility man Miguel Cairo has been given a two year deal for $2M.

In the same article Walt Jocketty says the club is making progress with Arthur Rhodes on a new deal, but when asked about Rhodes desire for a multi-year deal, he said, “he’s not going to get it from us”.

My problem with the Cairo signing isn’t the money, it’s Jocketty’s belief that a 36 year old utility player who had a career year last year (OPS+ of 106, Career OPS+ of 77) will repeat that year this season and next.

This is a continuing problem. He extended Scott Rolen for two years, he extended Bronson Arroyo for two years. I see this as a pattern of extending older players who can be replaced by younger, cheaper players.

I don’t think a small market team can continue to do this and stay competitive. I think you need to be the New England Patriots of Major League Baseball. You keep your stars (as best you can), but the “pieces” of the team can be jettisoned and replaced when they get too old or expensive.

What do you think?