Our buddies over at Uni-Watch* have some thoughts about Cincinnati’s new batting practice jerseys. That’s Drew Stubbs over there, modeling the new duds.

*If you don’t read Uni-Watch every single day, you really are missing out. There is always something fascinating over there.

I like the new BP jerseys, I guess. Certainly, I prefer the ones they have been wearing the last couple of years, as it’s more of a classic design, in my opinion. Of course…who cares? No, it doesn’t matter*; most people aren’t even in the park when the Reds take batting practice. I’m just interested in uni-related items. Sue me.

*Yes, I’ll get worked up over meaningless transactions affecting the last player on the bench. Uniform-related outrage is where I draw the line.

Of some interest is the history of that script “Reds” that we see across Stubbs’ chest:

Pretty weird that they went with a script, right? Even weirder, it’s apparently based on a much smaller script that was used for two utterly forgettable seasons a million years ago, back when Marge Schott was still a little girl trying to tune in Nazi rallies on the short-wave. I’m all for a team honoring its visual history, but what an obscure chapter to resurrect.

I’ve seen all the other new BP designs, and while I’m not at liberty to show them to you, I can tell you this: Not a single one of them feels retro-ish, and all of them are very much in keeping with their teams’ respective identity system. Only the Reds have used the new BP garb as a canvas for something new (even if it’s based on something old). I kinda like it, at least the part you can see there in the photo.

Much more over at UW, including the hideous black side panels on the jersey that you can’t see in the photo here.