Starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo signed a new three-year, $35 million contract extension that will run through the 2013 season. ….

“I just wanted the opportunity to stay on this ballclub for the next few years,” Arroyo said before he took the stage. “We’ve been running uphill for the last four years and finally got to the top of the mountain. We saw the finish line at least and made the playoffs. We’ll hopefully have more good seasons and make a run at it.”

Last month, the Reds exercised Arroyo’s $11.5 million option, but the whole deal was redone to create a new contract. Some of the money has been deferred.

So, what do you think? Good deal, bad deal, somewhere in between? What does this mean in terms of the team’s future plans and this off season?

Big start to Redsfest, huh?