Does it bother anybody else that Derek Jeter’s (and anybody else’s) postseason records are compared to yesteryear when there were no post season playoffs and just a World Series? Is it really right to say such and such player is the record holder for post-season hits when in the vast majority of baseball history there were no playoffs, just a World Series?

I think it’s great that someone’s keeping track of this stuff, but when it gets to be World Series time, I personally just care about World Series records; please don’t include the championship series, division series, wild card series, whatever else series. All that just cheapens the records.

For the record, I feel the same way when it comes to football and especially the Super Bowl. After all, there were professional football championships held before the first Super Bowl, which wasn’t called the Super Bowl at that time either. If they’re going to count championships and count records, count them all; don’t minimize the pre-Super Bowl era players, and don’t include the multi-tiered level of playoffs. I want to know the championship game record holders.

And don’t minimize World Series records. Put people and the games in their proper perspective. I really find it rather insulting and patronizing.