It doesn’t get any closer than this:

By a margin about as thin as the black surrounding home plate, the Reds’ Dusty Baker just missed being the 2010 National League Manager of the Year — by all of one point.

While Baker deserved credit for his leading of a young Reds team to its first playoff berth in 15 years, he fell short in the vote to Padres skipper Bud Black, who notched 90 wins with an even younger club and only a $38 million payroll.

In results revealed on Wednesday, Black received 16 first-place votes compared to Baker’s 13. Black had seven second-place votes and three third-place votes for 104 points in a 5-3-1 scoring system. Baker had 12 second-place votes and two for third place and ended up with 103 points.

Dusty reacted with his usual class, and you can read his quotes over at Mark Sheldon’s article that is linked above (along with the final vote totals). This is the second time Baker has finished second in the voting, and he’s won the award three times.