Most would agree that Drew Stubbs had a fine 2010 season, in his first full year as a big leaguer. Stubbs put up a line of .255/.329/.444 with 22 HR, 77 RBI, and 91 runs scored. His wOBA was .345, and Stubbs put up a WAR of 3.2. Those numbers place Stubbs solidly in the middle of NL center fielders. Defensively, Stubbs rates as a plus-defender, with room for improvement.

Since he’ll be playing as a 26-year old next season, there is plenty of room for improvement. The future is bright.

Of course, there is a loud contingent that does not like Stubbs for the same reason they didn’t like Adam Dunn: he struck out 168 times, second-most among CFs.

So, let’s hear the Nation’s collective wisdom about Drew Stubbs. Is he overrated, underrated, or properly-rated? What is his future with the Mighty Redlegs?