That’s the title of Matt Damon’s next Jason Bourne movie.

John Fay asks if left field is really a problem. Ummm…John? The answer is an unequivocal YES.

Our buddy Fay, of course, says that left field isn’t a problem. His argument is based mostly on RBI. What is this, 1972?

There is no position on the field where the Reds are more desperate for improvement, both offensively and defensively. Whether there is anyone out there to replace Gomes is another question entirely. If I were in charge, I’d make Chris Heisey the primary LF until I could get my hands on someone better. Heisey is likely to hit at least as well as Gomes, but his defense would be a million times better.

Heisey isn’t a long-term solution, but he’s a much better bet to be productive in the short term than Gomes, in my opinion.