We did a series of these last off-season, and I liked the discussion, so I thought it would be interesting to re-visit the topic. We’ll start today with Bronson Arroyo, and move on to some others in the coming days.

What is the Nation’s collective wisdom regarding Bronson Arroyo? How valuable is he? Is he overrated, underrated, or just rated? What is his future with the Reds, and what should his future be?

I’ll weigh in later, though my thoughts on Bronson are fairly well-known around these parts. What do you think?

UPDATE: Wow, this seems like an exceptionally bad idea. You know Arroyo is my favorite Red, but I really hope this doesn’t come to fruition:

Foxsports.com’s Ken Rosenthal reports that Bronson Arroyo’s extension could get completed this week and be for two years. Including the option that was picked up on Thursday, the three-year total of the deal could be worth $36-$39 million. Rosenthal did not indicate whether he had a source that provided this information.

I just cannot believe that a team in Cincinnati’s financial situation would make a mistake like this. Arroyo is not a very good bet to be a valuable pitcher beyond next season.

Can anyone explain Walt Jocketty’s thinking here? I just don’t get it.